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Bairn Biologics is the manufacturer of a professional line of holistic supplements sold exclusively to licensed health care providers for resale to their patients.  Bairn Biologics is a Nevada corporation, incorporated in 2006.

Our original product, Candisol™, provides the most potent blend of plant based, fiber digesting enzymes available for those suffering from Candida.  The enzymes in Candisol™ have been proven in clinical trials, and have helped countless people around the world live richer, fuller lives.  Candisol™ works very quickly, overcoming many of the common symptoms associated with yeast overgrowth.  Many patients see improvement in just days without the side-effects of anti-fungals.  Even in the worst systemic problems, results are seen within a week or so.

With your patient’s needs in mind, we continue to add new products exclusively for you, the health care professional, to offer in your practice.  Our products are formulated with the world’s most powerful science based nutrition, which we then combine with the ancient wisdom of the world’s most profound holistic medical systems.  The result is products based on what we call the "Cellular Concept of Health".  When your patient’s use our products, it will change their lives!
  Liver Support System   Introducing Liver Support System™
We have noticed that people with sluggish livers or heavily burdened livers get hit harder with Candida overgrowth and have an increased
  herxheimer reaction. Since the liver does the main bulk of the
detox when the Candida are dying off, the liver needs extra
support during this time.*

The liver-protective phytochemicals in common milk thistle
extracts are very poorly absorbed into the bloodstream. Studies
show that when binding silybin to phospholipids it increases
absorption by up to 800%, thus assuring maximum delivery. Liver
Support System™ combines this along with N-Acetyl-Cysteine
and alpha lipoic acid to boost the L-Glutathione the liver uses for
detoxification. We have also included artichoke, schizandra and
other herbs to support the flow of energy and blood in and through
the liver. Liver Support System™ supports the liver as no other
supplement can and is a great pairing with Candisol™ and the
Candida diet.*
  Magnesium   Introducing Magnesium Plus™
When Magnesium Plus™ is mixed with warm water, its unique formulation transforms the minerals into their pure, ionic forms. The result is vastly
  improved absorption. Because of this, Magnesium Plus™ relieves
muscle cramps, promotes deep sleep, guards against bone spurs,
builds bone structure and supports cardiovascular integrity and
healthy blood sugar levels as no other magnesium supplement
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